Failure of the Public Health Testing Program for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Links to diagrams of how ballast water works:

BallastWater1     BallastWater2     BallastWater3     BallastWater4     BallastWater5

Links to images of ships discharging ballast water:

Deballasting1     Deballasting2     Deballasting3     Deballasting4     Deballasting5     Deballasting6     Deballasting7     Deballasting8     Deballasting9     Deballasting10   Deballasting11   Deballasting12   Deballasting13   Deballasting14

Links to images of Vibrio cholerae, E. coli and Enterococci:

V.cholerae1     V.cholerae2     V.cholerae3     V.cholerae4     V.cholerae5     V.cholerae6     V.cholerae7     V.cholerae8
E.coli1       E.coli2       E.coli3       E.coli4       E.coli5
Enterococcus faecalis1     Enterococcus faecalis2     Enterococcus faecalis3

Links to images of colony plates of Vibrio cholerae, E. coli and Enterococci (a method of counting bacteria that is used in ballast water treatment tests):

E.coli-plate1     E.coli-plate2
Enterococci-plate1     Enterococci-plate2

Links to images of bacteria conjugating (joined and transfering genetic material from one bacterium to another):

Conjugation1     Conjugation2     Conjugation3     Conjugation4     Conjugation5

Links to videos of bacteria multiplying:

Multiplication1     Multiplication2     Multiplication3

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